The Lodge

The Juma Eco Lodge is a rustic jungle hotel located on an island on the Juma river 100km south of Manaus.
The Juma river is a reserve famous for its primary rain forest and vast wild life as birds, spider monkeys, squirrel monkeys, howler monkeys, sloths, capivaras, porcupines, agutis, pacas, pink and grey dolphins, anacondas, boa constrictors, tarantula spider and more.

Juma Eco Lodge

The lodge is operated by a native family, who where born on the island. The construction is in harmony with the environment.
The Lodge offers 12 apartments with private bathroom and marvelous river view.
The walls and floor are wood extracted from the island, the roof are dried palm leaves.
The restaurant offers local cuisine as grilled peacock bass or chicken a Tucupi (a cassava derivative). Vegetarian dishes are available.
The Maloka (hammock hut) offers hammocks for rest.
The floating dock is a perfect spot to observe the sunrise, have a bath or fish a peacock bass.

How to get there:

Pick you up at airport Manaus or your hotel in Manaus and transfer to Ceasa Port
Speedboat from Ceasa Port Manaus to Careiro da Varzea (30 min)
Taxi or van to Ramal km 17 on the road to Autazes (1 hour)
Motorized canoe to the lodge (30 min)

Thinks to do:

Canoeing in Igapos (small river)
Observation of huge trees and giant water lilies
Bird watching
Monkey and Sloth observation
Alligator spotting
Jungle Hiking with explanation of medical plants
Piranha and Peacock bass fishing
Spear fishing
Introduction in survival techniques
Visit of native family with plantation of manioc and tropical fruit trees
Overnight in the jungle

Peacock Bass Rio Juma